"Occupy Orlando stalwart, Tim Osmar showed that you can beat City Hall, and in doing so you can humiliate city officials and law enforcement in general. Osmar’s release from jail made both national and international headlines when news services picked up the article in the Orlando Sentinel. Osmar was arrested for writing on City Hall sidewalks in chalk. There is a city ordinance against sidewalk chalking for advertising and promotion, which Mayor Dyer ignored two years ago when he encouraged local business owners to promote The Orlando Magic’s chances in the NBA Playoffs by chalking their sidewalks among other ways to promote the team. Orlando Sentinel Columnist Scott Maxwell

made mention of it in his January 12 article. Osmar missed the holidays spending three weeks in jail instead. He was released and charges dropped because the city contended that he would have served that time if convicted. The real reason is that there’s no way the city could have made those charges stick. Tim’s position is that he was exercising his first amendment right to protest and that his rights were violated both by the police and his overlong incarceration. Tim’s attorney, Richard Wilson, a prominent first amendment specialist is sharpening his fangs and whetting his appetite to put the city in federal court for the abuse that Tim and a few others have suffered. Other occupiers who have been arrested on trespassing charges are expecting to have the charges dropped or be found innocent as well. Once Tim was released Crayola’s stock should have gone up by 5 or 6 points. His release opened the floodgates for occupiers to state their grievances over every square inch of walkable surfaces at City Hall…”

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